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What is a Preparer Account?
Creating a Preparer Account lets you manage multiple Client Accounts in FileLocal. Once the link with your Client’s account is established, you can file and pay their local city taxes and business licenses/renewals online. As a preparer, you will have one username and one password to manage all of your Client Accounts, keeping all of your Clients’ data separate and secure without having to know multiple user names and passwords.

Who Should Sign Up for a Preparer Account?
You should sign up for a Preparer Account if you are responsible for handling licensing and/or taxes on behalf of multiple Clients.

Who Should NOT Sign Up for a Preparer Account?
You should not sign up for a Preparer Account if you are just filing forms for a single company with multiple locations. If you are unsure if a Preparer Account would be right for you, please contact Technical Support.

To increase your security, each business you set up and/or manage must have its own username and password, which should be for your client. However, once the client’s account is set up, you will log into your account with your personal username and password to select the business from a list of your clients. This prevents your username and password from being compromised if your client needs access to their online account or no longer utilizes your services.

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