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General information:

The FileLocal Portal is maintained by a separate non-profit agency and allows you to apply for and renew general business licenses and file various business taxes for its subscribing cities:  Bellevue, Bremerton, Everett, Lake Forest Park, Renton, Seattle, Shoreline, and Tacoma.

You can pay via ACH Debit (bank account) or Credit/Debit card. The Cities do not accept paper checks or ACH Credit payments through the FileLocal Portal. 


$4.00 for each City you pay in a session.  This fee is non-refundable and is retained by FileLocal to maintain the system.  Individual cities do not receive a fee for this service. 

$1.00 ACH Debit service fee or 2.49% credit card fee for each tax form or license/renewal when payment is required. All financial transactions are handled on a secure site by a third-party provider called KUBRA. This fee is retained by KUBRA and is non-refundable.  No financial information is shared with agency or city personnel or retained by KUBRA.

** There is no fee if no payment is required for a filing. 

Account setup information required: 

16-digit UBI number
Primary business address
Legal business name
Business type
Partner/owner/officer information, if applicable when applying for a new license

Location specific information required: 



Physical address

Mailing Address

City account number (if you have a business license in any of our participating cities.  If you do not have a license you will need to apply for one after account setup.)

Importing Business Information:

If you are an existing business in the Seattle license database, you may be able to import certain business data into FileLocal when you initially register.  This import function does not carry over SELF user log-in information, nor does it carry over returns filed offline on via SELF.  It simply looks up your business and verifies it exists.  You can then import certain business fields instead of having to enter data manually.

Linking your License:

If you already have a business license in any of our participating Cities, you must link the license to connect your FileLocal account to your City records. Linking requires you to enter your City Account Number.

A city account number is a unique ID number that the city assigns to your business location when you apply for a license.  This number should appear on correspondence from the city. Some cities provide a search feature to allow you to look up your city account number. Please see city-specific information below:

  • Bellevue - The city account number is 1-20 digits, with no leading zeroes.  See to look up your Bellevue City Account Number (Registration Number).
  • Bremerton - The city account number is 3-20 digits, with no leading zeroes.
  • Everett - The city account number is 1-20 digits, with no leading zeroes.
  • Lake Forest Park - The city account number is 6-10 digits, WITH leading zeroes if less than 6 digits.
  • Renton - The city account number is 1-20 digits, with no leading zeroes.
  • Seattle - The city account number is exactly 16 digits, but it is NOT your UBI-16. The number is based on the customer number that identifies your business and the location ID that identifies each business location. You can look up you Seattle city account number at
  • Shoreline - The city account number is 1-20 digits, with no leading zeroes. You can look up your Shoreline city account number at
  • Tacoma - The city account number is exactly 9 digits, and it most likely starts with 5000 followed by 5 additional numbers. See to look up your Tacoma City Account Number (contract account number).